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“Customer focus” is not just a way of saying:
it has become a strategic factor for our company for several years now.

CARTA is highly specialized in the design, production, installation and servicing of industrial electrical panels, and can boast of several years of experience in this field. Low voltage electrical panels, power center distribution boards, special and automation panels, motor control centers, fixed or removable drawers, sub-stations, panels for photovoltaic, wind power or biomass renewable energy.

Here are the three keywords describing CARTA: Relationship, Exchange, Transparency.



The design and construction standards of all types of electrical panels are being constantly shared and improved in order to always keep up with the ever-changing needs and market. All products are designed and manufactured according to high quality standards in full compliance with the regulations of the destination countries (EN, UL, NEMA, GOST).
In designing its products CARTA avails itself of the best application software thus ensuring the maximum adherence to the customer specific requirements. Each product is provided with the related as-built technical documents as well as use and maintenance manuals, test reports and certifications.